Whisper Rum, the rum of Barbados


Produced according to tradition, Whisper Rum is made from premium sugarcane molasses, directly on site. These are fermented in vats and distilled in a column still, then the harvested juice is placed in 200L oakwood barrels, formerly used for the maturation of Bourbon. During the ageing, rums take all their aromatic richness from the barrels.

The tropical climate of the island is predominant and allows this spirit to age three times faster by favoring exchanges with wood, esterification and oxidation, impacting its characteristics. After 5 and 8 years of ageing into whiskey barrels, a 65% rum is then imported into France to be packaged.

Whisper is a warranty of authenticity, without any additives throughout the process.


Whisper Rum is the creation of two young French people which one is from the Caribbean and rum lovers. Their goal was to create the most authentic and traditional rum, back to the basics of rum. For this purpose, they partnered with a distillery in Barbados, the birthplace of rum. After many years of work, buying and selecting casks, the first bottle of Whisper Rum was appeared.

“Whisper” comes from the smooth aromas which are unveiled like a whisper.

In 2021, Vedrenne group has bought the brand in order to complete its spirits portfolio, always with the same mission: respecting and sharing the know-how of unique terroirs.

birthplace of Rums

With a warm and tropical climate, Barbados is the sunniest island in the Caribbean. The history of this former English colony, that became independent in 1966, was shaped by the culture of sugarcane. That gives it today all the benefit of an ancestral know-how and expertise in the fields of sugarcane and Rums dating back more than 350 years. The rums made in this heavenly, wild and protected place have the reputation of being light and elegant.

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