French Excellence know-how

VEDRENNE is a family group made up of French distilleries and liqueur producers that represent long-standing local traditions, and whose valuable expertise has been recognized with Living Heritage Company certification.

Our mission is to preserve the best possible expression of the authentic flavors of France’s regions and to make them available to everyone.


The group brings together iconic distilleries and brands with a rich past.


VEDRENNE, established in 1923 in Nuits-Saint-Georges, specialising in blackcurrant liqueur (crème de cassis), and other high-quality fruit liqueurs and syrups.

PAGÈS, created in 1859, in Puy-en-Velay in the Auvergne, famous for its herbal liqueur : Verveine du Velay.

SALERS, founded in 1885 in Corrèze, the oldest brand of gentian in the Massif Central.

IZARRA, which means “star”, in the Basque language, is still made with the same 1906 recipe.

BIRLOU, a liqueur that combines the flavour of apples and the mystery of chestnuts, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

NOYAU DE POISSY Distillery, established in 1698, the last historic distillery in the Paris region.

Vedrenne creative spirits

The VEDRENNE group possesses exceptional, longstanding expertise in the creation of premium quality liqueurs, fruit crèmes and spirits, represented by the VEDRENNE, PAGÈS, SALERS, BIRLOU and IZARRA brands. Building on its distillation and maceration experience, the VEDRENNE group has a team of experts available to develop customized creations in two domains:

  • INFUSIONS and ALCOHOLATES using plants, spices, fruits, roots, etc.

Our extensive catalogue reflects the high knowledge and skills that our family-owned group has acquired.

Years of experience have enabled us to build a unique supply network of top producers spanning the globe. We can provide organically certified ingredients. 

Our infusions, macerations and alcoholates are used by professionals all over the world: liqueur makers, distillers, flavouring and aroma experts, chocolate makers, and more.

Recent creations: alcoholates of truffle, caviar and yuzu.

  • Productions of bespoke spirits:​

Gin / Vodka / Liqueur / Pastis / Absinthe / Vermouth / Bitters

A full range of services

In addition to recipes development, we have modern production and bottling facilities that enable us to offer a complete range of services from creating recipes through to bottling.

R&D is a strategic service within our company. We have two in-house laboratories that provide complementary services. One holds IFS certification in Nuits-Saint-Georges, Burgundy, and specializes in maceration, while the other in Turenne, Limousin, specializes in distillation.

Our years of experience in creating and developing recipes enables us to meet all of our clients various requirements and specifications.

We can provide any assistance you may need in defining and achieving your projects, with complete confidentiality.

We also have the flexibility and responsiveness of a SMB.

Iconic products

Supercassis 20%
Supercassis 20%

Crème de cassis

70cl – Vedrenne

Liqueur Verveine du Velay Verte 55%
Liqueur Verveine du Velay Verte 55%

70cl – Pagès

Liqueur de Gentiane Salers 16%
Liqueur de Gentiane Salers 16%

100cl – Salers

Liqueur Birlou Eden 18%
Liqueur Birlou Eden 18%

70cl – Le Birlou

Liqueur Izarra Verte 40%
Liqueur Izarra Verte 40%

70cl – Izarra