PAGÈS created in 1859, in Puy-en-Velay in the Auvergne, grow its own verbena to create its famous plant-based liqueur : Verveine du Velay.
SALERS, founded in 1885 in Corrèze, is the oldest brand of gentian in the Massif Central with a unique bitter taste
IZARRA, was created in 1906 by Joseph Grattau-botanist and made with 10 plants. Initially, a gold color liqueur, its name Izarra stands for “star” in Basque language.

Founded in 1923, Vedrenne offers a unique range of fruit crèmes, liqueurs and premium quality syrups.


“Supercassis” is the brand’s flagship product: a traditional blackcurrant crème liqueur made from Noir de Bourgogne blackcurrants according to a secret recipe.

France’s oldest secular liqueur, Noyau de Poissy is made from apricot kernels in the Paris region’s last remaining historic distillery.