VEDRENNE, since 1923 in Nuits-Saint-Georges, specialist in blackcurrant and high quality fruits & plants liqueurs.

Spritz cassis


  • 2 cl VEDRENNE Supercassis 20°
  • 6 cl Sparkling Wine VEDRENNE
  • 6 cl Tonic


  • Pour the ingredients in large wine glass.
  • Add till 2/3 of the glass with ice cubes.
  • Top 6 cl of Tonic.
  • Stir gently.


According to the traditional Burgundy “Crème de Cassis” recipe, Supercassis uses a significant proportion of blackcurrant berries during maceration. The production process respects the fruit and takes into account its fragility : the blackcurrant berry maceration in the alcohol takes place in rotating stainless steel vats away from air and light.
After going through the press, the infusions obtained are sweetened only with dry sugar: they do not contain any additives.
Our range of fruit liqueurs is made following the same quality process as our iconic “Crème de Cassis”.


1923 CREATION OF VEDRENNE PÈRE & FILS Joseph VEDRENNE, a trained engineer, set up his company “VEDRENNE Père et Fils” after the First World War.
He located his firm in Nuits-Saint-Georges near the blackcurrant fields, a berry which cultivation was then at its peak. This proximity allowed him to build a strong relationship with local producers and process the fruit under optimal conditions.

THE 1930s Joseph VEDRENNE was one of the pioneers of fruit maceration, developing processes in which the fruit was protected from light and all its flavour characteristics were preserved. The company specialised in fruit extraction, offering its customers the famous Supercassis, other fruit liqueurs and syrups.

THE 1950s Berry products gave way to new flavours which were distilled and macerated in Nuits-Saint-Georges according to the company’s know-how. VEDRENNE also started to export their products abroad.

TODAY The company is present in more than 60 countries, in the bar and mixology market, and in HORECA – hotels, restaurants and cafés.
In 2017, it was recognized as an “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” – a Living Heritage Company. Building on its expertise, VEDRENNE offers new flavours every year and remains committed to local producers supplying the fruit for its syrups.

The "Black Berry" of Burgundy

Burgundy is a land of many traditions, where knowledge and expertise in the art of making wine, fruit liqueurs and spirits (eaux-de-vie) have been passed down from generation to generation. With each successive generation, techniques are developed and refined.

WHY DO BLACKCURRANTS DO SO WELL IN BURGUNDY? Blackcurrants are very hardy, but nonetheless have some requirements in terms of soil and climate, i.e. moderately fertile soil (clay-silica or clay-limestone) and cold winters to ensure that the shrub has a dormant period, followed by a period with enough warmth and sunshine in the early summer for the currants to ripen. In Burgundy, especially on the hillsides, blackcurrants have everything they need to flourish. To such a degree that a variety native to the region was created with unparalleled flavour characteristics, called the Noir de Bourgogne. The famous Noir de Bourgogne is the predominant variety used in VEDRENNE’s Supercassis. After rigorous selection, the currants are quickly transported to Nuits-Saint-Georges.


  • By the colour. Blackcurrants are small, dark berries, which are rich in anthocyanins and characterized by a beautiful, dark red-violet colour. A good blackcurrant liqueur will thus have a deep, rich colour reflecting the density and freshness of the flavours.
  • The density or “thickness” of the liqueur. If you shake the bottle, the liqueur should leaves violet “tears” on the sides, that run slowly down the glass, indicating good density of fruit and concentrated flavour.
VEDRENNE Spritz Base - Aperitivo 15% - 700 ml

VEDRENNE Spritz Base - Aperitivo 15% - 700 ml

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