Verveine fizz


  • 3 cl Verveine du Velay 55° Green
  • 2 cl Lime Juice
  • 1 cl VEDRENNE Cane Sugar Syrup
  • Sparkling water


  • Shake all ingredient but the sparking water.
  • Double strain into a tumbler with ice, and slowly top with sparkling water.
  • Garnish with verbena leaves.


Created in 1859, by a genius herbalist, the famous liqueur Verveine du Velay is made according to an ancestral recipe blending local verbena with a savoury mix of plants, and spices.

The Lemon Grass Verbena grown by the Distillery on its own site is used for Verveine du Velay.
Planted in June, it is harvested before the frosts occurs and then dried before the leaves are removed by hand.
The preparation of this recipe is a long process which lasts several months (around 18) with three keys phases which are maceration, distillation in copper pot stills and ageing in oak casks.

  • MACERATION: this step is essential to transfer the flavours to the spirit.
  • DISTILLATION: used historically by apothecaries, to extract the properties and benefits of plants. Today, PAGÈS Distillery continues to use this traditional technique to produce Verveine du Velay in red copper stills.
  • The final stage is ageing in oak casks for a minimum of 12 months.


Verveine du Velay was created more than 160 years ago by Joseph Rumillet-Charretier, a keen herbalist, skilled apothecary, and no doubt also something of a chemist.
In 1886, Victor Pagès, Rumillet’s cousin, took over the family Distillery to which he gave his name.

A succession of Pagès politicians managed the business as well as Raymond-Julien Pagès, a visionary in the world of rural tourism who established the first “Logis de France” which has now become a major network of hotels and restaurants.

Verveine du Velay has long been part of the region’s gastronomic and architectural heritage, with an elegant building (now a listed monument) in the Saint Jean district in the heart of Puy-en-Velay.

La verveine : a symbol of auvergne gastronomy

In ancient times, vervain was a sacred herb. The Romans associated it with Venus and considered it to have aphrodisiac properties.

A symbol of Auvergne gastronomy, it is much appreciated by chefs for its rich, subtle flavour.

The PAGÈS Distillery has always grown and harvested its own vervain plants.

The variety used to make Verveine du Velay is lemon verbena, which has a deliciously lemony flavour. It is grown by the Distillery on its own site.

Planted in June by the Master Distiller, it is harvested before the frosts and dried in darkness, then the leaves are removed by hand.

La verveine bio des jardins de pages

Inspired by his garden where he cultivates verbena*, our Master-distiller has created this Verbena liqueur LES JARDINS PAGÈS.

This recipe is the result of a simple maceration of verbena leaves, immediately dried after harvesting, to retain all of its aromatic qualities and its smoothness on the palate.

This liqueur reflects an eco-responsible approach:

  • Verbena* and organic French alcohol
  • The label is printed with vegetable oil-based inks on 100% recycled paper

* Plot in conversion to organic farming. During this conversion, a verbena cultivated by a farmer certified as French organic farming was used to make this product.

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