CACHA POM cocktail


3 cl Birlou

1 cl Salers Gin

8 cl Cider

3 cl Tonic

Fresh Thyme



Pour directly in a large wine glass.

Decorate with a twig of fresh thyme.

Material: barspoon


Birlou was originally a homemade liqueur created by Henri Monier and served to his customers in his workshop in Veinazès, in the Cantal region.

His recipe consisted of a blend of chestnut liqueur, apple syrup and beer, hence the name Bir for bière (beer), and Lou for pelou, a vernacular name in the Massif Central for prickly chestnut burs.

Due to its popularity, Henri decided to obtain a licence in 1998, and launch distribution beyond his home town of Veinazès.

For its 20th anniversary, the brand created a new bottle inspired by the apple that tempted Eve, in the Garden of Eden.

Birlou will make your taste buds tingle and transport you to the chestnut forests of Cantal. Perfectly balanced apple and chestnut flavours give this liqueur a broad appeal.